Coaching Incorporates Thought, Statement, and Action


My life-coaching practice promotes and inspires new thinking. In my practice, I promote self-empowerment so that my clients can be their own source of solutions and resources. Unlike therapy, where professionals are working with helping clients heal from past hurts, I work with already motivated clients; I focus on growth and help others to unleash their potential so they are able to perform at their peak. Through personalized sessions we focus on performance at work, in relationships, within families. We narrow the center of attention and focus on the future so that each and every client can achieve new levels of self-awareness and commit to their success.

Effective coaching incorporates thought, statement, and action. An effective life coach supports you as you learn and poses questions to you such as, “Where do you want to go? Who do you want to become?” Therapy is all about healing; coaching is about exploring and learning new ways of working, thinking, and doing. In my personalized sessions, we focus on action plans, the future and well-defined goals and strategies.

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