Still, I didn’t feel complete in what I was doing, I’ve always felt like there was something more for me to do – social service was not the final step or phase or work in my life. Not yet fulfilled in my career, a movement deep within was telling me to seek it out – seek out the direction that I must go. About seven years ago, I came across the book on CD by Cheryl Richardson – a life coach. I was very impressed with her practice and “knew” that is the direction that I needed to take. Well, 7 years ago, I also got married and so that direction went on the back burner. But that back burner kept burning and getting hotter as the years moved on. 

Most recently, with all the changes that have been going on in my life, I met a wonderful lady named Kimerberly Barcley – a life coach. Meeting her moved me. And that deep feeling within, that burning was now on fire.

Meeting Kimberley set my wheels in motion and they are still moving and I’m on my path, my journey, my purpose. Now, I am free to be, free to become who I am – and loving it. I’m enjoying this ride although new and scary. I am becoming who I am fully and completely. My desire to help others – now helping others in a new and exciting way a more freeing way. Helping others to achieve balanced wellness in their lives. Taking living well to another level. This is where I need to be! Ahhhh, this feels so right. Creating a space for others to find their way, find that path that will lead them to that goal or vision that they have for themselves – finding balance in their life. Helping other to become who they are fully and completely.